I’ve been having a hard time these couple of days to the point I threw a glass to the floor thinking about cutting myself with it, but when I saw the blurry scar on my left arm I stop and think “I’ve been through this before and I survived, and it took time but I start healing… The last cutting scars are fading… Why you want to reopen the wounds of the past when you have so much future left?”
So I felt the piece of crystal cold on my skin, stop, breathe and decided to keep the broken piece of glass, take a marker and write on it for if I ever feel that way again take the broken glass and read it over and over “I know it feels like the end of the world, but is NOT… Keep fighting! The only one who can destroy you is yourself.”.IMG_2411

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Nacida en Puerto Rico, pero soy ciudadana del Mundo. Escribo para vaciar el ruido de mi mente y me llena el corazón que alguien le toque de alguna forma lo que escribo. Pues de nada me sirve escribir si lo que escribo no conmueve un alma. No escribo muchas paradojas porque yo soy la paradoja en sí. Soy un poco controversial en mi manera de expresarme, pero escribo y me expreso de una forma transparente, desde lo más sincero de mis adentros.

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