To my English speaking friends and fellow Americans

To my english speaking friends and fellow Americans:
Puerto rico is requesting the resignation of their inept governor. He dishonors the puertorrican people and has demonstrated to be completely inhumane and heartless. Personally I ask you for your support.
Without mentioning the fraud in the Governmental Departments of Health and Education.

  • They withheld the humanitarian aid that arrived in the Island weeks after Hurricane Maria while hundreds of people where drying of hunger.
  • They mock the “corpses” accumulated in Forensic Sciences because of Hurricane Maria. Al
  • They make fun of homosexuals.
  • They make fun of feminists.
  • Create Fake News and propaganda to shame other political parties.
  • They calibrate and lower the murders occurred in their mandate.
  • They call “whore” and “cunt” to a woman who thinks differently from them.
  • They insult the journalists.
  • Create and disseminate tendentious news and promote the mobilization of their trolls.
  • They mock the people who lack decent transportation.
  • They make fun of the people from their own political party because of them twisting their minds do whatever tf they want.

Among others disgusting things…

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Nacida en Puerto Rico, pero soy ciudadana del Mundo. Escribo para vaciar el ruido de mi mente y me llena el corazón que alguien le toque de alguna forma lo que escribo. Pues de nada me sirve escribir si lo que escribo no conmueve un alma. No escribo muchas paradojas porque yo soy la paradoja en sí. Soy un poco controversial en mi manera de expresarme, pero escribo y me expreso de una forma transparente, desde lo más sincero de mis adentros.

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